Wind and rain

This week was tough, in particular Monday morning when the most recent storm system rolled through leaving the plot with 3.5 inches of rain and wind with gusts as high as 45mph. While most of the crops will pull through the sweet corn was heavily damaged. Most was laying flat on the ground around noon on Monday morning. I expect that some of it (maybe 50%) will "grow out of it." Meaning it will straighten back out and then continue to grow like normal.

The photos this week will show the damage done to the corn. Thankfully plants are very versatile and resilient and with a few weeks of sun things will be back to normal. I still expect to get a lot of sweet corn come July but it's always hard to see it struggle.

In addition to the wind the rain left some large puddles in the plot. Some of the pumpkin plants are under water but not all of them (maybe around 20%). At any rate, there should still be plenty of pumpkins for pie and carving this fall!