What's special about our eggs?

So what's so special about our eggs? This question is best answered in two parts: first, by the eggs nutritional differences and second by the differences in our chickens living conditions. To begin, lets talk about chicken egg nutrition.

Long story short - our eggs are more nutritious than your typical supermarket eggs in a couple of different ways. First, because our chickens are pastured, they have access to various kinds of bugs and plants that chickens eat naturally. These bugs and plants contain nutrients, among others omega-3 fatty acids and riboflavin, that are generally not stable in the feed mixes that are fed to chickens that are confined to large barns. Omega-3 fatty acids and riboflavin will break down in feed before the chicken can eat and absorb it but in live bugs and plants it is available and accessible to the chicken and thus is present in the eggs that we eat. It should be noted that the contents of macro-nutrients such as protein are roughly equivalent between our pastured eggs and supermarket eggs.

Our chickens also have a higher quality of life than the chickens that produce supermarket eggs. First, our chickens have unrestricted access to the outdoors. They are able to go outside to forage, socialize and enjoy the weather. They are never confined to cages. They are provided with clean straw in their coop to use as bedding which helps keep them clean and warm. We clean their coop regularly so that they may live in comfort and cleanliness. We think they have a pretty excellent life and they certainly seem like happy birds.

Lara and I are passionate about ethical farming. We want our chickens to live in comfort and be happy (to the extent a chicken can be happy). We believe that if we take excellent care of our chickens they will take excellent care of us and produce tons of nutritious, wholesome eggs that can nourish our family and yours.


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