Fall Farm Happenings

Much has happened since we last posted! We are happy to report we are still attending the Mankato Farmer's Market until the very last day; this Saturday October 28th Dan and I will have spinach, head lettuce, kohlrabi, radishes, kale, cilantro, and other fall squash and potatoes. We made the decision to harvest early this week due to forecasted snow! 


As of last Friday we were able to plant our garlic. We began this endeavor last fall with our first planting at home. Sales this summer were great and we continue to have folks stop by our stand to ask if we still have garlic. We sold out rather quickly and have planted about twice as much garlic for next season in hopes of keeping up with demand. We plant two hard neck varieties. Georgian Crystal and Chesnok Red are hardy cold weather varieties with strong garlic flavor. 

Our fields also require attention in the fall. We consider the health of our soil an integral aspect of sustainable farming. If you were to visit you would see our winter cover crop blankets most of the field. There are some barren spots where fall crops were planted and only recently tilled down. We are excited to say we have found a local farmer to spread cow manure to enrich our soil. We will use far less manufactured fertilizer come spring!