What do we do when it rains?

Hello dear reader! 

Today it is raining. Again. As farmers when our produce is in production mode we harvest in ALL weather. Today though we don't have anything to harvest yet. We won't weed either because our footprints would compact the soil and make it harder for things to grow. Instead we get caught up on all the chores around the house. Here is a short list of some things we can accomplish:

  • 1. Clean all our harvest buckets from last year
  • 2. Cut re-mesh to make tomato cages
  • 3. Build and sand down cedar crates
  • 4. Care for our chickens
  • 5. Write a blog post
  • 6. Apply for our marriage license (It's only 15 days away)
  • 7. Grocery shopping
  • 8. Leisure time - not sure what that is but we try to make time for it!

We are trying to be patient as our crops grow. Things are looking good in the field and are growing fast (though not fast enough for us) considering we planted a month later this year than last. We are proud of what we have accomplished thus far and look forward to our season beginning just one week later than last year. Dan and I are also tying the knot the same week and couldn't be more excited (stressed out)!!! Good thing we have Zack to help us out this year! (More about Zack in our next blog post.)